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TOPIC: How do you do your summary with the client?

Re: How do you do your summary with the client? 8 years 10 months ago #54973


I did a quick look at your Sample Report. It's a nicely written report. Granted - I only did a quick overview - but (3) things caught my attention that could save time (and still be thorough).  1st - eliminating captions on every picture - the pic is already associated with the "heading" describing the problem.  2nd - Less stock photo.  You described the water heater, dryer, and grading as "No deficiencies", but still have 5 photos (4 of them being stock pics). 3rd - I would stay away from using "blue" to describe issue with "No deficiencies". Use "blue" to describe current issues that are less significant.

Your report is excellent! Now you need to streamline your time...and the above task take time.  Also..do you use brackets   ?

I did an inspection today on a foreclosure; blt in 1985, 1.5 bath, roof is shot, mold & water damage in the basement, major electric repair needed, leaking sinks, deck structure over span with no footings, bath vents dumping in attic, etc....
I was on site 2.5 hrs, the "writing" of the report was completed on site, with pics loaded into HIP.
I still need to "slot" the pictures and proof read.  I'll take a little more time proof reading because of the mold issues, and because I was writing "on site"...not everything was listed in my "comments".  I would guess it's going to take about 1/2hr...maybe a little longer for me to complete.

I'll probably take an additional 45min after the report - and modify my template(mostly because of the mold & water damage). That way when I see these same issues I have comments ready.

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Dan Musielski
Assured Home Inspections; Batavia, IL

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Re: How do you do your summary with the client? 8 years 10 months ago #54974

Bob, I'm 99% sure its not the software. I to used other programs before I came to Dominic.
To answer you question on areas I spend my time, Plain and simple I spend 1 hour + on uploading up to 60 pictures and listing their comments. I spend 4 to 5 hours completing the report and then another hour reviewing my notes and pictures.

Dominic, Again Thank You for the invite, but just not able to fund at this time with or without a CC.

Dan, I have to believe you on your reported times because there is no reason to question them. For me,
finishing a report on site with the inspection in 2.5 to 3 hrs. is not obtainable. I'm on site, on average 3 to 5 hours when a client is present and 2.5 to 3.5 when I'm alone. On my report time, I have never, never been faster then 4 hours on a report and thats average on a condo.
Dominic claims that if I went to the conference I would learn how to cut my time down, ALOT.  So for those of us that can't make it to the conference, then why is there not all this great information available on CD, PDF or Internet classroom.
For those of you that have responded, I want to Thank You. Domanic asked that I start another thread and post my reports. When I figure out how to post them, I will do so. Thank You in advance if any of you have the time to look over them.

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Steven Wessler

Re: How do you do your summary with the client? 8 years 10 months ago #54975

Hi Steve ,I know it is not the software but was simply stimulating your thought process.
Personally I think someone could help you more by looking at your templates and picture uploads than the resulting PDF.

Best way is to watch someone work IMO.

Bear in mind fast is not always equated with good.
Seen too many with those stupid box checklists that Texas requires (need a decoder ring) and too many with the word functioning and satisfactory
typed everywhere to make up for lack of actually describing what is in front of them.

What takes longer ?
Checklist with appliances or describing them and actually inspecting them.
Do these speedy guy actually look behind a fridge and check waterlines or look for leaks ? (quality takes time)
Personally I notate if there is a waterline ,where the shutoff is,where the charcoal filter is,if it is just an ice maker or if it also has a water dispenser
plus add in the blue section a reminder to change the filter and check for leaks periodically.

I bet you are just as through.

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Re: How do you do your summary with the client? 8 years 10 months ago #54976

I feel I am, You might remember when I first started I was mentored by James Braun, CMI for (2) years and he was pretty tuff on me the first year about detail. Also Bob I use the word Functioned as designed or Functioned as Intended. I guess that needs correction? Do you have a replacement comment?
I will load the PDF Reports as soon as I can figure out how to load them.

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Steven Wessler
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Inspection Reports to review 8 years 10 months ago #54977

Sample Reports (2)
1 Home and 1 Condo

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Steven Wessler

Re: How do you do your summary with the client? 8 years 10 months ago #54979

I occasionally sprinkle the word throughout the report however only where
material comments are not important.

Have seen reports where the floor section is addressed with the words functioning as an example of canned

We all do it different however if you describe a component in picture or text then to me that says it is satisfactory
with no further exclamation needed.

For liability you could always add that to be the case I suppose.

Personally I fail to see how hunting 100 different comments is faster than typing one but maybe that's just me.
(especially on a screen that requires scrolling to find it)

OK we can all have a comment such as screen is torn but now you must add location.
Do on site guys simply pick screen torn,do they pick room,or do they add lower -upper-left-right side ?

The drop sections to me in mobile are time consuming and not worth the effort trying to drag comments
up and down to line up.

Again maybe that's just me.

I say a picture tells 1,000 words and helps protect you from liability as well.
Us experienced guys have nothing to fear as we are not missing stuff that shows in pictures
however there is always something you may forget to check which is why a good MP count is needed to focus in just in case.

Guys who claim they do a whole house inspection and report in 2 /1-2 hours are 100% missing stuff
no matter if they come here puffing their chests or not.
We know better.

Maybe they are inspecting cookie cutter mobile  or manufactured homes ?

Many know me and I have been using HIP a long time so why aren't I fast ?
Fine quality is never mass produced.

Just noticed a miss spell in this post and went back to correct it but are guys on site going back to edit ?

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