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Home Inspector Pro Office
Helping to automate and streamline your business today!


Schedule your inspections online, automatically calculate out your fees, see driving distances and more.

Online Contracts

Load contracts for each type of service you offer and have one or two clients digitally sign online.

Report Delivery

Upload your HTML/PDF report direct from HIP and send customized emails to your clients and agents.

Audit Trail

Timestamped trail of emails, contract signatures and other events from inspectors and clients.

Automated Texts/Emails

Automate texts/emails to your clients and agents based on different triggers throughout the inspection process.

Financial Reports

Run pre-made or custom financial reports on different aspects of your business to help you grow!

Online Payments

Automatically invoice your clients to pay online before your inspection! Hold reports until the client has paid.


Integrates with programs like Secure24, HomeBinder, and Zapier to help automate all aspects of your business.

Why Choose HIP Office?

Full Integration

Home Inspector Pro FULLY integrates with awesome 3rd party scheduling/office inspection software such as the Inspection Support Network, so why choose HIP Office? The truth is that both platforms will work great for you! It just comes down to personal preference. We built HIP Office because we've had inspectors asking us to create a solution for them for the last 15 years that was created by HIP and integrated in all ways. They wanted something that kept them in the HIP infrastructure and we've worked hard to give you want you need to run your business if you choose HIP Office to run your business.

Awesome Customer Support
HIP Office Pricing

Our Strengths

We have an awesome group of programmers working hard to keep HIP Office growing. We currently have a separate environment for our beta testers (message us if you're interested in being on the beta testing team). New features will roll out regularly since HIP Office is a web based platform. Keep an eye out for emails and Facebook posts of new updates!

We are awesome programmers, and great listeners. We rely on all our successful home inspectors to give us ideas for new features and improvements. We then take these ideas and discuss it amongst our inspector beta testing community or the inspection community at large. Suggestions are then prioritized based on feedback and implemented. Putting inspectors first is what has helped Home Inspector Pro to become a leader in the inspection industry!

HIP Facebook Group for user and feature discussion (not for primary support): https://www.facebook.com/groups/HomeInspectorPro/

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