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TOPIC: Master Wish List - Add Wish Here & Create a New Thread For Discussion!

Re: Master Wish List - Add Wish Here 16 years 2 months ago #677

1.Print option to only print the cover, summary, and any photos and red comments in each section. Thus leaving out all informational black comments, introductions, checkboxes, etc. However, this seems like it would be next to impossible for me anyway..

2.Three pictures per line in the report.

3. Inspection Fee to show on Cover page in alternate color .

4. A numbering system for photos, and comments that are placed in each section

However, I must say that the software is incredible and I love it.

* Completed in HIP 3

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Re: Master Wish List - Add Wish Here 16 years 1 month ago #855

This is in regard to Q1 and I imagine tablet users of HIP.

When editing or adding a comment, It would be nice if the comment pop up window would have the cursor at the beginning position automatically without have to click on the pop up field area.

I find myself typing or writing away on the screen before I realize that no text is being entered. Then I have to click the pop up to get the cursor and start over. is this possible?

It's a small thing and I'm sure I will start to remember to tap the screen but it would be nice.

Q1 Vista 1G

Edited by Dominic Maricic: Completed. Implemented in all the Add & Edit dialogs throughout the program.

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Re: Master Wish List - Add Wish Here 16 years 4 weeks ago #1029

Can we have a Setting choice in the "Reports Settings" menu for  "Descriptive Text" and "Item Separator" for all  sections.

I use "New line & bullet"  plus the word  "Observations:"  98 % of the time.
I end up manually changing each one and that can add to my mega report build times..


Edited by Dominic: Completed the reset separators in 2.6.4

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Re: Master Wish List - Add Wish Here 16 years 4 weeks ago #1032

Sure thing. You are saving your template as well so those changes are permanent right?

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Dominic Maricic
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Re: Master Wish List - Add Wish Here 16 years 3 weeks ago #1103

In my former inspection/report writing process I document practically all deficiencies with a digital camera.

When I return to the office I view the photographs and dictate with voice recognition software, the report synopsis.  I do not always use the picture in the report, rather included as an attachment for future reference, indicating the photograph number in the inspection report efficiency.

My report writing style is mostly narrative and these narratives change from report to report.  There are common scenarios that can be "canned", but for the most part I make modifications on  almost every discrepancy in the narrative.

I want to keep away from the "hunt and click" process commonly found with inspection software.  I wish to keep my damage lists down to a minimum and use photographs with elaborated captions to cover the situation.

The problem with this I find is that though this process is handled very well in the body of the report, it is difficult to go back and enter a discrepancy that will end up in the summary page.  It takes too much time to bounce between the photograph section in the narrative section of the report.

I narrate the captions of the photographs using voice dictation and copy/paste these narratives to photograph caption.  This is extremely fast and effective.  The only problem is that I must also copy them to the narrative so they will show up in the summary.  This makes the report longer as it is duplicating the caption in the report body.  Also copying to the report body must later be removed or modified as the narration may not be suitable to use on the next inspection.

What I would like to see, is the ability to manually select the narrative of a photograph that I wish to have published in the summary page.

Is this now available, or can it be achieved?

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Re: Master Wish List - Add Wish Here 16 years 3 weeks ago #1104

David , you have a fan
I do the same.
Here is what I often do

1)Just bulk load the photos into HIP

2)Have a template with lots of systems and componants by the way

3)Go to @ pic and select placement on dropdowns

4) Print PDF

5)split screen PDF with program on comments and enter text Pics are in perfect template order  ;D

6)Now you can use narrative comments from dropdowns in photo section

edit on 5-21-08

I should have added by dragging comments in the PDF over to the comments section of the program

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