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Inspection Software Devices


After selecting a plan below, enter the correct coupon code to maximize your savings. Only one coupon code may be used at a time. Select Paypal Credit during checkout and get 6 months to pay!


$574after discount

  • Save $225 off HIP + Mobile, normally $799!
  • Includes HIP Mobile (iPhone/iPad/Android)
  • Includes Home Inspector Pro (Windows/Mac)
  • Purchase upfront saves you money in the long run
  • Requires HIP Office ($50/mo) or Cloud ($29/mo)
  • Free Support via Phone, Email or Chat
  • Enter coupon code: HOLIDAY22

Annual HIP Cloud or Office

1 MonthFree

  • Prepay for a year and save!
  • Will auto-renew with same discount.
  • Office allows clients and agents to book online
  • Automate client payments & contract signatures
  • Send emails and texts automatically
  • Saves you up to an hour per inspection
  • CLICK Below to fill out form.

HIP Subscription Plan

$45/mo for 6 months

  • 50% OFF FIRST 6 MONTHS! Save $270
  • Switches to $89/mo after 6 months
  • No up front cost!
  • HIP Office is Included
  • Includes HIP Desktop & Mobile
  • Free Support via Phone, Email or Chat
  • Enter coupon code: DIEHARD22

$75 Off Custom Cover Design

$274after discount

  • Save $75 off Custom Cover or get Stationary Free
  • Choose from over 20 base cover templates
  • Work with HIP Designer on your branded cover
  • Amazing covers make your reports stand out
  • Integrates with any HIP 5 or HIP 6 template
  • One design can be shared with all your employees
  • Enter your coupon code: JINGLEBELL22

Upgrade from Cloud to Office

$430per year

  • Save $170 off first year!
  • Normally $600/year ($50/mo).
  • For current users upgrading to Office
  • Save yourself hours a week.
  • Automate your emails and text.
  • Clients pay and sign contracts online.
  • Click below to fill out the form

HIP 6 Upgrade!

$174after discount

  • Save $75 and update to the latest HIP!
  • Add Popup Photos & Videos in Reports
  • 360 Images to wow your clients
  • Populate form-fillable PDFs directly
  • Interactive Table of Contents
  • Create multiple summaries
  • Enter coupon code: CHEER22


Design your own template or use one of the dozens already available.
Team Inspections

Team Inspections

Multiple inspectors can work together and view each other's work in real-time!
HIP Camera

HIP Camera

Rapid fire photos and annotate them instantly with the built in camera app.
Amazing Support

Amazing Support

7 days a week you can reach us via phone, chat or email!
Search as you Type

Search as you Type

Find the correct narrative for an item with ease, or use the global search!
Presentation App

Presentation App

Keep clients from following you on site, saving you time and liability.
HIP Office

HIP Office

Online contracts, scheduling, payments, automated emails/texts & more!
Video & 360 Images

Video & 360 Images

Spice up your presentation with video and 360 images directly in your report!
Custom Cover/Stationary

Custom Cover/Stationary

Make your reports POP using our cover page designer and digital stationery.

HIP User Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the foundation purchase vs monthly subscription?
The two plans give you the exact same services. The foundation plan costs more upfront in that you start paying the $29 or $50/mo right away, but you save money in the long run vs the Subscription plan at $74 or $89/mo. An optional paid upgrade for full version upgrades (i.e. HIP 6 to 7) occurs every 2 to 3 years (currently $199)  with the foundation plan. The subscription plan includes all future upgrades and one low monthly cost and nothing upfront but has a higher monthly cost than the foundation plan. 
How do I get my HIP license?
What is the Cloud and why do I need it?
Do I need the Office or Cloud to use Mobile?
What is HIP Office?
Can HIP generate reports directly from Android/iOS devices?
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