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Cloud Inspection Report Service

If you've already signed up for HIP Office, the Cloud Service is already included in your subscription! There's no need to sign up separately. If you're just interested in signing up for the Cloud or a free trial, read on! The Cloud Service focuses on the basics of report delivery and transfer between desktop and mobile templates and inspection. HIP Office adds scheduling, payments online, contract signatures and more.

Ready to try out a 30 day free trial of Home Inspector Pro? Our Home Inspector Pro Cloud service allows you to sync reports between Home Inspector Pro for Windows & Mac and Home Inspector Pro Mobile devices (Android and iPhone/iPad). It also allows you to upload PDF and HTML inspection reports to be stored for 5 years, automatically emails clients and agents links to the report and more. The username and password you choose when registering will be entered into Home Inspector Pro and HIP Mobile software. The cloud allows you to submit Home Energy Score Reports through our cloud servers and much more.

If you've already registered on the site you can use your current name and password. Try the HIP Cloud or HIP Office FREE along with Home Inspector Pro by CLICKING HERE and selecting the FREE TRIAL.

Show your clients and real estate agents why they should keep coming back to you. Sign up for our cloud service and upload all of your reports to our website. For only $29 a month  you can show off your reports online!

  • Real estate agents can log into their account and view ALL inspections you have ever done for them. Gone are the days where an agent calls you needing you to drop off or fax a report. This is an excellent marketing tool!
  • Home buyers/sellers will receive an email with a link to their report. If you host your website through us client get their reports through YOUR website, increasing your exposure and rankings as they pass the link around to their family.
  • You have all your reports backed up for 5 years. If anything ever happens to your computer you can always pull up a copy of the report online.
  • You are shown a listing of all inspections you have done, who the agent and the client was, and when you performed it.
  • Easily upload the report from within Home Inspector Pro. You do not need to log into a website and fumble your way around to get your report online.
  • Receive an email whenever a client or an agent views your report! 

Example Page: When you upload your report the client will receive a link to a page like this: Click Here. If you are using HIP Office you can fully customize all emails going to your client. Make sure to check out the HIP Office features!

Questions? Try the Live Help feature on our main page, read our message boards, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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