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TOPIC: Move multiple photos at time across sections

Move multiple photos at time across sections 3 weeks 6 days ago #66167

A HUGE time-saver for me would be the ability to select several photos from the Misc section and move them to another section all at once.

Currently, I take most my exterior photos from the home screen to where all the photos are placed in Misc, and then I slot them later either on mobile or on desktop. I do this often for other areas as well, such as unfinished basements, where I walk around and take a bunch of photos of various items that need to be slotted differently. If I could, for example, select all 10 photos that pertain to Siding defects and move all 10 from MISC to the Exterior:Siding section all at once, that would be amazing.

Most of my time spent on reports is slotting each photo, one at a time, to their appropriate section. Its not so bad on the desktop, but when I need to do it on mobile it is quite time consuming. What are your thoughts?

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Move multiple photos at time across sections 3 weeks 6 days ago #66168

It hasn't been suggested before but could definitely be something we look at adding. Is there any reason you aren't taking most photos from directly within the area when selecting narratives?

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Dominic Maricic
Home Inspector Pro Home Inspection Software - CEO

Move multiple photos at time across sections 3 weeks 2 days ago #66180

Cool! The reason I am not taking photos from directly within the area is because it takes a lot of time to switch back and forth between various sections when I am inspecting large general areas where many items are present within different sections, like with the exterior. For example, while walking around the exterior I am looking at soffit/facia, gutters, cladding, windows, grade, foundation, etc. That is a lot of stopping and selecting a new section each time I take a photo (which is a lot) because I could have a picture to take from each one of those sections on each side of the home. While in a bathroom we have doors, outlets, walls/floors, water closets, sinks, showers, tubs, etc....all within their section of Bathroom. That is a lot of extra clicking.
Now when I am on the roof, I usually take the pictures directly into the Roof Exterior section because most of my pictures at that point are of the Roof Exterior. Same thing when I am doing the AC/Condenser or Service Panel or Furnace, But when I am outside, or in the attic, or an unfinished business, I am looking at things across many sections. In those areas, it is so much easier to just take a picture of an item in misc/main area and keep walking than to have to stop and find a new section within a section each time I take a picture. I probably take an avg of 150 pictures per inspection, much more than that for a home in poor condition.
Then I will slot them on the desktop when creating the report. However, if I could move multiple photos at once, for example, I could select all my siding/trim pictures together (usually a lot) and move them all to Exterior/Siding section with one swoop, instead of one at a time, having to re-choose the section each time I want to move a photo. This to me is the most accurate and time efficient way I have found to move through the inspection.
I would love to hear from other people as far as how they move through their inspection while taking pictures and choosing narratives along the way. It is almost as though I am batch/adding and sorting, as far as the steps in my report creating goes.
I think the goal is to eliminate as may extra steps as possible, yes? If an inspector takes 150 photographs and has to navigate to a different section more often than not each time he takes a picture, that is a lot of extra clicking to move out of the current section, go to section, then to sub-section. If I could select all 15 of my photos of siding at once, and then move them all to Exterior:Siding section at the same time, I have just eliminated almost 30 strokes that I have to execute just for that section, not counting the scrolling to each picture and the double-tap on each picture to initiate the move option in the first place
Does any of this make since?
It would be a big game-changer/time-saver for me. What do others think/know/experience? What is some other advice out there? I have been using HIP since October 2017, love it, but still trying to find the most efficient way to use it.

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