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Heading Tags

The way that a search engine returns YOUR site when a prospective client types in their keywords into a search engine is by convincing the search engine that your site is relevant to the keywords. It is extremely important that when designing your site you consider what the client is going to type in. Do you think they are more likely to type in 'California Home Inspector' or 'Los Angeles Home Inspector?' More than likely, the latter. Pick at most 5 sets of keywords that you think will be typed in and focus on those.

Now on to the tip! One that I've noticed most of you are not using.

Heading tags are kind of like the name of the chapter in a school book where <h1> is the chapter name and <h2> through <h6> are subsections. They are usually used on a page to designate titles or sections. For example if you were listing the areas of the house you inspect such as Bathroom, Bedroom, etc, you could designate each one a heading and then have details of what you inspect underneath like below:

<h1>Areas inspected in Home Inspection</h1>
bla bla bla bla <br>
bla bla bla <br>
and so on...

The important thing is to try and get your keywords into heading, ESPECIALLY into <h1>. So on your home page you could have a heading right at the top:

<h1>Los Angeles Home Inspector</h1>

or something along those lines. If you can't get the entire keyword phrase into the heading, try at least getting some of the words, such as 'Home Inspector'. Don't forget that some people might type in 'Los Angeles Home Inspection' so that might be one of your variations.

There should only be one <h1> tag on a page, but you can have several of the others. Note that each tag has a different font size, with the fonts getting smaller as the heading number increases.

Do not go around performing 'keyword stuffing' where every heading tag has the same phrase or your stretching things to get the comments in. Try to work your content so that the tags still make sense.

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