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Create Quality Links to Your Home Inspection Website


If you do not have quality links TO your site, you will not be able to get to the top of the search engine rankings if you have any competition. Having incoming links to your site is part of the 'Offpage Optimization' that makes up about half of your rankings.

Here's the rules about links, in no particular order. Remember, search engine rankings is a game. Each thing you do adds or removes points which affects your rankings.

1. The search engines actually look at the content on the page that links to you, especially around the link.
2. Links from sites with the same type of content (home inspections) are the most valuable.
3. Links from sites with related terms are also good (builders, electricians, plumbers, etc) as they will also have the words like 'home' on their site.
4. The ANCHOR TEXT of the link (see the Anchor Text post I made on this board) is EXTREMELY important. You want people to link to you with your keywords as the link so in order of best type of link to worst using Bob's website:

BEST: Chicago Home Inspections <- Notice the entire link is an important keyword phrase.

Good: Elliot Home Inspections <- "Home Inspections" is part of the phrase which is good. The word Nolan is making this link less effective than the previous one. I also removed ", LLC" from the company name as it would make the link even less effective. Since no one is searching for Elliot or LLC these words are diluting the phrase.

Poor: http://www.chicagohomeinspection.info/ <-- Putting just the link URL as the Anchor Text is extremely weak. At least in this case the word inspections is part of the link. Many inspectors don't have home or inspectors or inspection in their link text. This type of link still will give you a boost but no where near as much as the other two.

For proof of concept, go and Google "here". Yes, just the single word "here".

You know why Adobe is the first site that comes up?? Becomes every person who has put a PDF on their website says something like "You need Adobe Acrobat to view this pdf, if you don't have it you can download it here". You'll notice the next few sites are Real Player, and other programs you would download where people have done the same thing.

So, use this threads out there on the board to start exchanging links with your fellow inspectors. Make sure to include where you inspect so they can link to you as Chicago Home Inspections, rather thanhttp://www.chicagohomeinspection.info/. Include a short sentence about your company as well.

Want to know how many sites are linking to you? Go to yahoo (not Google, they don't report all links publicly) and check out the links to your site. In my case this I type this into yahoo: link:www.HomeInspectorPro.com
Head over to http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/inspector-forum/Search-Engine-Optimization/152-Link-Exchange-Great-for-SEO/ and start linking!

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